If you are staying in halls of residence then your item(s) will be collected from your reception or your usual collection point.

Items cannot be collected from your individual room.

Every halls of residence is different and quite often will provide different advice, please check with your specific halls regarding their procedures for collections of items by courier companies.

If you are staying in a house the driver will collect from your front door, please ensure items are at the front door ready for collection. Drivers will not go into individual rooms of houses.

If you are staying in a flat or apartment the driver will come to the ground floor front door of the building. It is never guaranteed that a driver will come up to your flat to remove items from your flat/apartment for health and safety reasons. If you are having a large collection, it is recommended items are brought downstairs for collection as drivers only have limited time per collection/delivery.

We cannot guarantee exceptions to the above restrictions for flats or apartments as this is down to the driver's discretion for their own health and safety.

If your collection is from a holiday park/resort or hotel the driver will come to the main reception area to collect your items, they will not be permitted access to collect from individual rooms and often cannot go to chalets on site. Please ensure to have your items available for pickup from 9 am on the day of collection at the main reception for the hotel/holiday resort as drivers are not supplied with phones for work purposes and so a call will not be made to alert you to their arrival.