Since March 2020 our courier partner, DHL introduced a temporary surcharge on all shipments due to the impact the pandemic has had on shipping networks. 

This is primarily due to increased demand in air cargo space as well as restrictions on exports and imports in many countries around the world.

This surcharge is priced at £0.18 per KG (actual or volumetric) for most routes however may vary depending on your collection and destination countries:

Destination Country/Region 

Origin Country / Region Hong Kong
& China
Australia &
New Zealand
Rest of Asia Rest of World
China £0.80 £1.50 £0.80 £0.80
Hong Kong* £0.80 £1.50 £0.80 £0.80
Rest of Asia** £0.80 £1.50 £0.80 £0.18
Rest of World £0.18 £0.18 £0.18 £0.18


Below are some examples of how much you may be charged:

Box Size Volumetric Weight Actual Weight Surcharge Amount
40x40x40CM 13KG 15KG £2.70
40x40x40CM 13KG 20KG £3.60
50x50x50CM 25KG 30KG £5.40
60x50x50CM 30KG 32KG £5.76


This price will be converted into the currency you have chosen if not booking in GBP. 

The above surcharges are in addition to the transit costs quoted at booking as well as any remote area, oversized or overweight charges.