"On Hold" is a standard tracking scan for many couriers and can be used for many things.

In most cases this is nothing to worry about as it is more than likely the case that the shipment has arrived into one of the couriers facilities a bit late and is simply awaiting the next scheduled movement. 

If you are unsure about your tracking and need further clarification, you can contact us.

Some of the most common reasons for the "On Hold" scan are:

1. Shipment has missed the next flight or vehicle and is waiting for the next one.

2. Holidays/Closures in the current country the parcel is going through

3. Technical issue such as a delay in tracking.

4. Item is under inspection potentially for prohibited or dangerous contents - these checks can be done at random. 

5. Item is under inspection in customs - this can also show under "Clearance Event".

6. The courier is awaiting additional details such as a missing street number, flat or incorrect details. Please double check your address information.

7. A shipment of multiple items has been split and the depot may be holding items to deliver everything at once if this is more convenient (e.g remote locations where it does not make sense to send drivers multiple times over a few days.)