What to use?

You can use either suitcases or strong cardboard boxes, or a mixture of both.


You can use hard or soft suitcases, just make sure all straps are tucked in or removed. We do not recommend using holdalls or rucksacks. Do not lock the suitcase. Customs and/or the courier may need to verify the contents of your items. We also recommend wrapping the body of your case/wheels/handles with clear wrap. Please do not use laundry style bags or plastic bags. Please note, packaging is not covered by our compensation cover. 




Please make sure you use double-walled boxes and not single-walled (crisp style) boxes. Please do not use plastic boxes as they are very brittle. If you need to purchase boxes we have some recommendations here. Most couriers are currently forgoing physical inspections due to Covid-19, please seal your items for your collection. Please do not strap or sellotape boxes together under any circumstance.



You can send skis and snowboards on our services. They need to be packaged in a suitable travel bag or cases




Golf Bag

You can send golf bags on our services. They need to be packaged in a suitable golf bag with a hood or in a travel case or box. We recommend using bubble wrap over the heads of each club.





You can send bicycles on our services. Bicycles need to be packaged in a suitable box or in a travel case. We recommend taking your bike to a cycle shop where they can disassemble it and package it for you. Most bikes will need the wheels and handlebars removed to send.





You can see how to attach your labels here.