Attaching Labels

Attaching your labels to the packaging is the most important part of the process. You need to ensure all labels are securely attached.

Please print your labels off from My Orders or from your email. Some labels only become available the day before collection.

My Baggage cannot be held responsible for any loss or delay if your labels or the courier’s shipping labels come off in transit or the labels we provide are not attached.

Attaching labels to a suitcase

Remove all previous labels from any item you wish to send. Leaving old labels on any items may lead to confusion and may result in your item being delayed, missorted or returned to the collection address.

Please do not attach your labels with tape alone, as your labels are likely to fall off and could result in your item being delayed.

How to attach labels to a suitcase - My Baggage from My Baggage on Vimeo.

We recommend 2 methods:

Method 1: Insert your labels into poly pockets, tape closed and tie them onto your suitcase with string. Then tape the poly pockets to your suitcase. Make sure the pockets are tied on.

Method 2: Attach your labels with tape and then cover your bag with cling film. If you have two labels just attach a label to each side of your bag and then wrap your bag in cling film, wrap the film around twice. This will stop the labels falling off and protect your suitcase while in transit.

If sending a suitcase we recommend inserting a label or a note at the top of your suitcase with your name and full delivery address in case your labels do come off.

Attaching labels to a box

Simply attach the labels as you would to a normal parcel. Use tape and make sure each label is attached securely. Do not block any information with the tape.

How to attach labels to a box - My Baggage from My Baggage on Vimeo.


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