When you book an international delivery, you are only paying for the cost to ship the items.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they check whether there may be any extra taxes, duties or customs however for the vast majority of shipments of used personal effects with low value, often there are no charges.

Any charges are decided upon on a case by case basis by customs in the country you are sending to. This does not apply if shipping within the EU.

If your items have an extremely high declared value or are being exported for the purposes of a sale, or are sent as a gift, this may lead to customs charges for your shipment. All customs charges are payable to the local customs authority however our courier partner may contact you on their behalf to receive the charges.

Most countries have a generous personal effects relief period where normally within 6-12 months of a person arriving in the country they can gain relief on customs charges. This can vary per country with some being more strict than others and we recommend you check this with your destination's customs authority. Some countries may also have a restriction on the weight or amount of packages you can receive before customs may be owed. 

If customs in your destination declare your items to be new and not used, you may need to provide additional documentation to prove when they were purchased and if there is any dispute over your values listed or if they are incorrectly noted as used - you may be liable to be charged additional fines for providing false information. 

My Baggage is not liable for any customs charges - whilst we aim to provide general advice around customs, we cannot predict or foresee what customs may charge or request as they are a government agency in each destination.