You can find your customs forms and our page of guidelines by logging onto your My Orders section.

You will be required to declare all of the items within your shipment, and you can group your items together under umbrella terms, please see below:

  • used t-shirts x 10
  • used shoes x5
  • used kitchen items (crockery, cutlery) x 20

Please note, do not use clothing when describing your items, this would be too vague for customs.

We would also recommend writing used for any older clothing to highlight that no new items are being imported. 

You will be asked to give a unit value, and this will need to match the value that you have booked in online.

For example, if you have declared a customs value of £100, you need to make sure the online form matches this.  Our auto-sum feature can help in altering your values to match the booked in value. If you need to make any changes to the booked in weights or values, you can click the "request changes" button.

When we ask for the value of your items, we are asking for the value of the goods now, as opposed to when they were first bought. The re-sale value would decrease the longer you have owned your items, so please ensure you are not giving us the cost of purchasing the goods brand new.

Uploading your passport details is optional, but from experience, we have found this can help speed up the customs clearance process. If you do not upload your details, customs may contact you to provide your passport, and it may take more time to process this paperwork, thus delaying your delivery.

The passport details uploaded would need to be from the person whose baggage is being shipped - who actually owns the items. 

We would also advise making sure that the person who owns the baggage's name is on the delivery address information as the receiver and person named in customs documents should match, even if someone else will sign for the delivery on your behalf.   

Prior to itemising your contents, please ensure you are reading our Prohibited items list linked here.

Our services would differ from airlines, and this means that we cannot ship any liquids, regardless of how small they are.