In August, September and October 2022, Parcel Force (as part of the Royal Mail Group) will be undergoing strike action. You can see more about this here.

This will affect our domestic UK services with Parcel Force being our chosen courier for this area.

We do apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption caused by this.

Despite these strike dates, we do anticipate disruption to collections and deliveries in and around these dates. At the moment we anticipate the following to be the current arrangement for collections and deliveries however this may change without notice. 


Date                                     Collections        Deliveries              Notes
26th August No No Strike Day
29th August No No Bank Holiday
30th August No Yes  
31st August No No Strike Day
1st September No Yes  
2nd September No Yes  
5th/6th September Yes Yes Normal Service is anticipated
7th September No Yes  
8th September No No Strike Day
9th September No No Strike Day
12th-16th September Yes Yes

Normal Service is anticipated

19th September No No

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Bank Holiday

20th - 28th September Yes Yes

Normal Service is Anticipated

29th September No Yes

Disruption due to upcoming strike

30th September No No

Strike Day

1st October No No

Strike Day

3rd October No Yes

Disruption due to previous strike days


  • We have introduced a temporary service using a different courier for shipments within the UK, this has been introduced at a reduced cost from it's regular price.  This is with a next day courier where prohibited items are strictly checked and will be returned to you if included. Please ensure you have not included any prohibited items. This new temporary service will mean that you can book this option if you urgently need a collection.
  • Despite these strikes Parcel Force will still be having a skeleton staff which means depots should be open for dropping items off as this is advised on their website. 

  • There will also be some deliveries on strike days according to Parcel Force. These are typically aimed at parcels sent on special services. 

  • There is still every possibility that Parcel Force and the CWU reach an agreement for their staff wages, but even if this happens, we still anticipate there to be disruption for the days afterwards

  • On the 7th September the CWU announced further strike action on the 30th of September and the 1st of October