We provide full tracking online, and we recommend keeping an eye on this over the expected delivery time scale to get a better idea of when to expect your delivery.

If you notice that there have been no scans on your shipment for more than 24 hours, this could indicate that there has been an unforeseen transit delay, or it could indicate that there is a problem with your barcoded tracking labels.

Note - for items travelling to or from Europe on our economy service, we tend to see less regular scanning on shipments as they are travelling on a road network and so they tend to get scanned at fewer check-points. It is quite normal to have minimal tracking on these sorts of orders, but if you are in any doubt please contact us.

Please notify us if you experience any problems with your tracking information, and we can contact the couriers to query what is happening. They should be able to advise if your item has been delayed somewhere, or if there is a problem with the label.

If your barcoded label has come off we will need to initiate a search with the couriers for you so that they can track down your item, and relabel it. We will issue you an email which will ask for a detailed description of your case, and will forward these details to the couriers. We will then maintain contact with the couriers for updates.