It can be tricky to plan how many items you may need to book in if you are planning for a big move or are undecided about how much you want to bring on your holiday.

We would recommend waiting until you know for certain how many boxes/cases you need to add onto your order, as an order cannot be amended once booked. We are unable to add or take off any items on a confirmed booking.

For most of our services, you can book in a collection for the next working day if you book before 10pm (GMT) the night before. This means that is you are a bit last minute in getting everything packaged up, you have ample enough time the day before to get everything booked in online. 

This is true of all UK collections (remote area collections not included) and most European countries. It is important to always check our cut off times, and you can do this by getting your Quick Quote from our home page. Beside the different services that we offer you should see our cut off times underneath the Earliest Collection heading.

Important -if you are choosing a service where customs forms are required (e.g. USA- UK, Spain-Malaysia) please give yourself enough time to complete these forms and get them printed off before the collection date. 

If you overbook and end up not using some boxes, you will only be able to receive a credit to your account for the unused boxes.

Important - Our Super Flexi fare gives you the ability to cancel an order, but it does not give you the ability to change the number of boxes or receive a refund for any unused boxes.