Items sent with any courier should be packaged appropriately and ready for a courier's internal network which will include your items coming into contact with other items. 

Contents should always be well protected with the likes of bubble wrap, plastic, packing paper or even polystyrene blocks to ensure that there is no internal damage if contents are in close contact. You may need to use packaging to divide items depending on your circumstances.

You should always ensure that bulkier items are spread out around to ensure that there is not too much weight on one part of your box/suitcase etc.

If you are using a box, please ensure you have picked a correctly sized box for your contents, poorly sized boxes is one of the most common reasons for items being damaged. E.g If you have a small heavy item in a large box with lots of empty space, this allows the item to freely move around the box and increase the potential for damage. 

Please do not cut parts of a box to resize your box, this affects the overall integrity of the packaging. Please obtain suitable packaging for your contents.

Plastic boxes, bin bags, laundry bags are not suitable for transporting items and would be considered inappropriate packaging. Please do not use plastic boxes, storage boxes or laundry bags. 

It is your responsibility to use appropriate packaging, it is not the couriers. The couriers may collect items in inappropriate packaging, this does not mean the packaging would be considered appropriate as the courier assumes you are sending your packages knowing of the potential risk for damage.

Please ensure you have your boxes well sealed for the driver on collection.