With the majority of our orders, we will electronically submit your customs forms to the couriers at the time of booking, therefore you will not need to have the physical copies to hand to the driver.

This is what is called a Paperless trade order and there will be a PLT code on your tracking labels advising as such about midway down the label.

When the couriers call to confirm your collection, should they ask whether you have printed your customs forms (they may refer to them as invoices) you can let them know that this is a Paperless trade order and the forms have been electronically submitted.

If the driver asks for the forms you can explain this and also point out the PLT code on the labels.

In some cases, we do not have the option to upload the customs forms at the time booking and if this is the case, we will instruct you to have the forms printed and the instructions will be clearly laid out on your labels and in the emails we send you.