DHL may contact you to obtain further details to help clear your shipment through customs and they will primarily work off templates, so they may ask you to provide new information along with details already provided.

While we appreciate this may seem confusing or frustrating to be asked for the same details again, the couriers tend to work off these templates as a way to help cut down on administrative processing as due to Brexit, there has been a great strain put on customs authorities and couriers worldwide to cope with the extra paperwork and processing requirements.

If DHL contacts you to ask for information pertaining to your passport copy and detailed packing list, please contact us so that we can email you your full, unwatermarked customs forms that you can forward to DHL, along with whatever other details that they are asking for.

Failure to comply with customs requirements can result in your shipment being returned so we would always ask you to try and provide the requested information in a timely fashion.