The driver will be unable to call you prior to collection or when they arrive on site.

This is because they are not given work phones for health and safety reasons, and they would only have their own personal mobiles.

It is at their discretion if they choose to use their own phones, which is why we cannot guarantee that they will call.

If you wish to find out what time the driver will be with you, you can call through to the depot and they may be able to narrow down the collection window, however this is not guaranteed as our services are all day between 9am-6pm.

You can find the courier's details by logging into your account, and clicking 9:00-18:00 on your My Orders section.


This should advise you of the courier's contact number, and your booking reference which will be needed when you call through. 

Alternatively, please call/chat/email into us and we can provide you with the courier's details and any reference numbers that you may need.