My Baggage offers you an easy, reliable, and low-cost door to door delivery option for your suitcases, boxes, and gifts over the holiday period. If you fancy sending with us during the holiday season there are a few things you should be aware of, read below to find out about our Christmas Booking Dates.

Please note, the following dates are approximate estimations. Due to the diversity of our services, each having unique transit times, it's challenging to provide a universal date that applies to all our customers. These dates are not to be considered a definitive guarantee. To ensure timely arrival of your items before Christmas Day, we strongly recommend dispatching them as early as possible.

Please bear in mind that that there are many factors that can affect shipping at this time. These include but are not limited to: adverse weather conditions, unprecedented surges in shipping activity or even operational issues due to staff illness.


If possible, we highly recommend that you book your shipment for delivery as early as possible and ensure that plenty of time is left to account for potential delays. Given that Christmas is the peak season for courier services globally, dispatching your parcels earlier in November or December significantly increases the likelihood of timely arrival.

To ensure your shipment arrives as quickly as possible we strongly advise that all labels should be securely attached to your items. Labels coming off items is the number one reason for delays to items. 

We provide all customers backup labels to insert inside your shipment - we highly recommend using these to ensure that, if your original labels come off, your shipment can be relabelled as soon as possible. 

Please note that if your shipment is not delivered before the 22nd of December, the next delivery dates are the 27th, 28th and 29th of December.

Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th are holidays in a majority of countries.


For international shipments (all services sending outside your own country):

We recommend sending on or before 14th December for Economy services within the EU where no customs are required. 

We recommend sending on or before 11th December for Economy services worldwide.

For International Express services, we recommend sending on or before 15th December.


We recommend sending on or before 18th December for all Express 48 services.

We recommend sending on or before 19th December for all Express 24 services.


We recommend sending on or before 14th December for all internal USA services.


Important! The above dates are estimates only - please check your routes transit time and ensure that additional time is allowed for potential delays during the holiday period as well as potential delays in customs if applicable

Helpful Tips for deliveries in December

  1. Send Early to avoid Disappointment!
  2. Keep an eye on your Tracking: My Baggage offers full tracking to all customers. This is one of the most useful tools that allowed you to see your shipments journey through the couriers network after it is collected. This will also show when it is out for delivery.

  3. Sign Up for Notifications: You can sign up for tracking updates in your "My Account" section of the website. This allows you to see if there are any delays, when your parcel is out for delivery and also when it is delivered safely. You can receive your updates as emails or text messages.

  4. Securely Attach your Labels: Securely attach your label to avoid any mishaps. A well-fixed label is key to a successful delivery. If your label comes off it can lead to your shipment being set aside for identification and to be relabelled when your details have been verified. Poorly attached labels that come off can cause lengthy delays.
  5. Use Backup labels: My Baggage provides all customers with backup labels to help ensure your shipment can be identified as soon as possible and be sent on for delivery. We highly recommend inserting your backup labels into your shipment and ensuring they are highly visible to any one securely opening your shipment.
  6. Ensure there are no prohibited items: Any delivery containing prohibited items is normally returned to the collection address and this may cause issues especially if you are no longer at that address. Items containing the likes of cash/coins, batteries, liquids, nail polish, perfume etc can not be sent. You can see our full list here.
  7. Give clear descriptions for customs: If you're sending internationally and your shipment will be going through customs; your shipment must have clear and accurate descriptions for your customs form. Descriptions such as "Gift", "Presents", "Private" are not accepted. We appreciate that listing the actual contents of gifts can ruin the surprise however this is a legal requirement.
  8. To wrap or not to wrap? Wrapping Christmas gifts to surprise someone can be half of the fun however there is a small chance that your gifts may be unwrapped by customs for aviation authorities. No courier has the ability to guarantee wrapped gifts will arrive in the same condition as sent due to customs or security. This is usually for security or to gain clarity on what is inside and that it is something that is listed on your customs form. Please only wrap any gifts being placed inside the shipment; do not wrap the exterior packaging of the shipment.
  9. Plan for Adverse Weather: This time of year often brings challenging weather conditions. Be prepared for possible delays due to snow, ice, or storms, which can disrupt transport routes and remember that just because it seems okay where you may be, this does not mean that weather elsewhere will not affect your shipment. This can be due to cancelled ferries or flights, flooded roads, fallen tries or even other factors.

  10. Be Aware of Peak Times: We ask all customers to appreciate that the days and weeks leading up to Christmas are the busiest time of year for all couriers (not just My Baggage). It is best to send your parcels well in advance to avoid the peak rush. At this time of year there may be collections and deliveries outside of normal times or even days. This is all to help ensure that the couriers can manage their workloads as best as possible.

  11. Provide Clear Address and Contact Details: Please ensure that your shipping addresses and contact details on your parcel are accurate to avoid any confusion during delivery. Even one part of your address missing can lead to confusion and delays.
  12. Prepare for Delays: Understand that despite your best efforts, delays can happen. It’s important to be patient and have a backup plan if gifts or items do not arrive on time.

  13. Check Local Delivery Policies: If you're sending internationally, be aware of the destination country's customs policies and local delivery practices, as they can vary significantly.

  14. Remember Brexit: If you're sending internationally to or from the UK, please remember that countries within the EU require customs processing. This was different for sending prior to 2021 when the transition period ended. Your shipment will be processed by customs and additional details may be required.


Below we have outlined our office opening hours during the festive period and we have also covered when most collections and deliveries will occur during the dates mentioned in December.


26th of December is a public holiday in most countries. There may be deliveries in some countries. 

*** My Baggage customer service will be closing early at 5PM UK Time / 12PM EST / 9AM PST on Friday the 22nd and 26th of December.

****2nd January is a holiday for Scotland only, collections and deliveries resume across the rest of the UK


You can get a quote and book online 24/7 every day of the year. 

Helpful Tips for deliveries in December