We recommend being as accurate as possible regarding your booked sizes and weight for your booking, however, there can be times when this may need to be changed.

If you need to change your weight/size we, first of all, recommend checking our size checker here.

This tool will allow you to check the base price for your size/weight of item not including any extras such as compensation cover. 

As seen below, the size checker will show the cost to send the item.

If there is any difference in costs from what you booked you will need to contact our customer service team here. Please ensure you note the new sizes/weight in the email and also point out which item needs to be changed if you are sending multiple items. Our team will be able to check this for you and confirm the extra costs with you before this is changed. Please note, this should be done in advance of the collection day to allow for plenty of time for printing of new documents such as labels or customs paperwork.

If the size checker does not show any extra charges, we still recommend contacting our customer service team here so they can double-check everything for you and have everything updated for your order.

The couriers we use will weigh and measure items going through their network to monitor for any discrepancies, if you change your item size/weight without letting us know, our accounts team will send you an invoice for any additional charges when we are notified by the courier.