27th May 2021

Due to an extraordinary surge in shipments going and coming from the USA, our courier has had to implement strict temporary restrictions to help deal with the extremely high pressure on their network.


A temporary weight limit restriction of 30 kg per item (actual scale weight) for shipments only originating from and destined to the USA will be in place until further notice.


Please note that this is an individual item weight limitation and not a shipment weight limitation. For example; A 150 kg shipment made up of six 25 kg items is acceptable.

In addition to the above, if any of your item sizes exceed 120CM or 47 Inches, these items cannot be accepted.

At this time we have been advised this is a temporary restriction and is being assessed every few weeks but will be removed as soon as is possible.

As soon as we have any updates regarding this we will update our website and remove these restrictions.