This Personal Effects form can really help speed up the customs clearance process in Australia, so we thoroughly recommend completing this and printing out a signed copy to attach onto each of your items, along with a spare copy to hand over to the driver.

It can seem a bit daunting, so we are going to take you through this form step by step!

Section - Please complete the following details

This part is self-explanatory, if you are sending your own personal effects please fill out your own details, or if you are completing the form on behalf of someone else and their personal effects, please input their details.

Section - How I arrived or intend to arrive in Australia

Again if you are completing this form on behalf of the person who owns the items, please input their details.

Section - How my personal effects arrived or will arrive

We use the couriers DHL for all shipments to Australia. Your shipment will be travelling via Air, so please tick this option. Please indicate the number of items you are shipping.

  • Flight number/ship name - DHL
  • Port/airport section - DHL
  • Date/estimated date of arrival - Give the rough indication of your expected delivery date as per your order online
  • Container number - N/A
  • Seabill/Air Waybill - Your 10 digit tracking number, this can be found online on your My Orders section
  • Name of Local business handling personal effects - DHL
Section - Clearing your personal effects

If you will be on the receiving end in Australia, and you have included your own address details for delivery, you can leave this section blank.

If you are sending items to a family member/friend in Australia, please fill out their details in this section as they will be responsible for clearing the items through customs, should customs require further information.

Signature - If the personal effects are not your own, please sign your name, and then write on behalf of the owner of the good’s name e.g. John Smith on behalf of Laura Smith

Section One through to Five

Please tick the boxes as appropriate for your shipment. We cannot ship any of the goods listed on these sections so if in any doubt please refer to our Prohibited Items list here -

Section Five

Please list any items that have been owned for less than 12 months

Section Six to Section 8

Please tick the boxes as appropriate for your shipment