On the 1st of January 2021, the UK and the EU will terminate its transition period after the UK left the EU on the 31st of January 2020. 
At the moment no trade deal has been agreed between the EU and the UK however this may change in the coming weeks. Any details of any agreements made are still unknown making it difficult for customers and businesses to plan for the outcome.
Due to this, there are two potential outcome scenarios: 
1 - The EU and UK agree on a trade deal
2 - A No-Deal Scenario 
Both scenarios will lead to changes in how UK shipments to and from the EU will operate however My Baggage will have all information available as soon as we know the next steps put in place by the EU and the UK.
To help prepare for the end of the transition period My Baggage will be suspending Economy services on routes between the UK and EU from the 21st of December 2020 until the 15th January 2021.
This is to help prevent any of our customer's shipments from being adversely affected by the end of the transition period and any logistical changes required for a shipment. You can still send shipments on the Express service as this will ensure that your shipment will be sent on the fastest service available with minimal delay.
After the end of the transition period and depending on the outcome of any trade deal negotiations, you may be required to complete customs documents for your shipment if going between the UK and EU. We will provide you with these if required.
This will not affect shipments within the EU (e.g Spain to Ireland, France to Spain) or shipments going outside of the EU (e.g Germany to the USA, Poland to Australia).  
We would advise all customers sending between the UK and the EU to please be aware of potential delays due to this unprecedented change and also due to a potential backlog in the processing of shipments due to this change.